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In this course, you'll gain access to 10+ years' experience producing and directing professional educational videos. I've condensed my knowledge into a 5-week, easy to follow online course that contains everything you need to create a sustainable online-teaching practice. 

My templates, video instructions, accountability system, and community will allow you to create a course you'll be proud to promote and fill with paying students.

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The Challenge of Virtual Events (for GIF)



Many courses promise to share a whole system. This one delivers.


Nowhere else will you be taught to have high creative standards like this. 


Some things can only be accomplished in a group setting. You're not alone. 


How can you remain in integrity with your commitment without an embedded accountability system? We ensure your success.


✓ 29 Self-Paced VOD Instructional Videos
✓ Comprehensive Workbook
✓ Personalized Feedback
✓ High-Quality Instruction
✓ Live Weekly Q&A Sessions
✓ 26 Easy to Follow Templates
✓ Peer-Support
✓ Accountability
✓ Money-Back Guarantee

The Challenge of Virtual Events (for GIF)


eDirection: Online Teaching Mastery

A 5-Week "done with you" program that'll provide you with the materials and training on how to create a professional course you'll be proud to promote.

This is the only course you'll need to create a sustainable online-teaching practice.

eDirection offers you the convenience of self-paced training so you can learn the ropes in between your busy schedule. 

Our weekly drop-in "Coaching Gym" style Live Q&A sessions on Zoom are the perfect companion to this self-paced course. Here is where you'll get accountability, peer support, and ongoing motivation to follow through.

eDirection will teach you how to produce high-quality educational-video content that others will want to buy.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You’re a professional educator who wants to translate your curriculum into EITHER a video on demand course, OR live-online group program.

  • You've been waiting for a course that provides you with writing templates for this business model; from curriculum writing to landing pages to trailers.

  • You’re an expert in your field. Writing, teaching, and holding space comes easy to you, but you lack the technical foundation. You don't know what or how to film yourself.

  • You can see yourself creating an eLearning Course but you really don't know where to begin with marketing your course; running ads might be totally foreign to you.

  • You're busy. You want a one-stop course that you can take on your own time. You're willing to commit to an accelerated timeline because you're committed to making this work. You want to launch your course by the time you finish this one.







Reviews (eDirection Spring 2021)

5 star rating

Excellent help from concept to webinar

Deborah Allen

Mike Buffo has a few unusual qualities. He listens and he actually really enjoys problem-solving and finding common ground. His expertise in all things “elec...

Read More

Mike Buffo has a few unusual qualities. He listens and he actually really enjoys problem-solving and finding common ground. His expertise in all things “electronic-direction” helped me move quickly, within budget, and with a stunning result of filling my private practice. Highly recommend.

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5 star rating

Greatest introduction to teaching online

Mira Nissim

Mike Buffo created a fabulous course platform for people who have something that they want to say and need help converting to a virtual business. The resourc...

Read More

Mike Buffo created a fabulous course platform for people who have something that they want to say and need help converting to a virtual business. The resources were relevant, helpful and easy to access. Weekly virtual classes kept us accountable and focused and gave us the chance to test out our ideas with others to fine-tune our offerings and expand our ideas when approaching a virtual community. I really had a lot of valuable takeaways from this course and recommend it to others.

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What You'll Learn

  • 2

    Week 1 - Online Teaching Orientation

    • Welcome Letter - Week 1 - Online Teaching Orientation

    • 5-minute Course Entry Survey

    • 3. How to Use the eDirector Templates

    • 4. Identify Your Students (What is a Course Niche and Why Do I Need One?)

    • 5. Create Your Signature Systems

    • 6. Create an Irresistible Course Title

    • eDirection Workbook 1

    • Assignment for Week 1

    • [Live Training] Tech Stack Your Writing

  • 3

    Week 2 - Your Online Teaching Signature System

  • 4

    Week 3 - Your eLearning Production System

    • Welcome to Week 3 - eLearning Production System

    • 11. The Production Phases

    • 12. How to Write a Webinar

    • 13. Your Webinar Outline

    • 14. How to Write Your Webinar Trailer

    • 15. How to Produce Your Webinar Part 1: Webcam Production

    • 16. How to Produce Your Webinar Part 2

    • [bonus] 17. How to Get Your Camera Connected to Your Computer {+ Links to recommended gear}

    • 18. How to Edit Your eCourses

    • Assignment for Week 3

    • [Live Training] Computer Tricks Part 3 "Keeping Good Records"

  • 5

    Week 4 - Roadmap to Enrollment

    • Welcome to Week 4 - Roadmap to Enrollment

    • 19. Meet Your Personal Marketing Mastermind

    • 20. Working with an Agency (to Hire or Not to Hire)

    • 21. Sales Funnel Options

    • 22. The Vocabulary of Advertising

    • 23. Touch Marketing Formula

    • 24. Types of Landing Pages

    • 25. Must-have Elements of Landing Pages

    • eDirection Workbook 3

  • 6

    Week 5 - Big, Bold, Confident Messaging

    • Welcome to Week 5 - Big, Bold, Confident Messaging

    • Conducting a Photoshoot

    • Lead Nurture Email Sequence

    • Technology to Support Your Live Group Program

    • Sample UpWork Post

Instruction Method

How is this course presented?

  • Templates & Instructional Videos

    All my years of experience in this sector, condensed into easy to follow one-sheets with instructions. These downloadable documents are yours to keep and refer to for years to come.

  • Peer Support

    Some work can only be done in a group setting. Slow down the learning process and make the time each week to drop into your creative process right along with others.

  • On Demand Training

    This course comes with 29 videos released to your inbox about 7 at a time, once a week, for 5 weeks. All your materials are contained in this learning management software, Thinkific.


How much does this course cost?

If you've read this far, you're interested in taking the course...but you're wondering what the cost is. Click Apply Now and view my calendar. Pick a time that works for you and we'll have a 15-minute, no obligation conversation. A personal connection with each one of you is the best way to determine if this is the right fit. If price is the only factor for you, there are other courses out there. eDirection is a comprehensive program with an equivalent, yet affordable price that we'll go over on our video call. (Financing options are available.)

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About Your Instructor

a 1-min highlight reel:


by Mike Buffo

Instructor Bio

Instructional-Video Producer

 I am a full-time professional; practicing all phases of stage and screen production including development, event coordination, production management, technical direction, stage management, camera operation, broadcasting, video editing, distribution, marketing, & advertising. My production company averages 40-50 productions/year with budgets ranging from in-kind to $200k. My Vimeo channel hosts 500+ professionally produced videos and my clients rank among the most reputable businesses producing our region's most important cultural events on the Monterey Peninsula region & beyond.

I use my creative acumen in video production to successfully align my clients' personal missions with their business goals.

I am a former professional athlete, actor, and healer. Now I'm a proud father of three boys, and content-creation coach.

Hi, I'm Mike Buffo (pronounced BUFF-O), 

I am a passionate alternative-education pioneer who believes that the best teaching finds the right balance between the theoretical and the practical.

I bring over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience across diverse education and entertainment industries. I am a Certified Body/Mind Therapist, Transformational Leader, and Virtual Online Leader Trainer. I authored the curriculum, "Digital Performing Arts," a one-year course curriculum for public high-schools in Central California; where I have written the instruction method, objectives, learning outcomes, and assignment schedules that meet all the public education standards in 10 subjects from screenwriting to cinematography, to directing to editing, to acting to new subjects like Transmedia Communications.

Who Produced This Course?

An Educational Video Production by House of 8 Media

With our high-level eLearning VOD courses for teachers, we package your genius into courses that generate passive income, drive influence and lead to professional opportunities.

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