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Welcome to eDirection; Online Teaching Mastery

a 5 week home study program on how to develop your sustainable online teaching practice



Live Training Schedule

5 x Wednesdays

January 6, 13, 20, 27, Feb 3, 2021

10:00am - 12:30pm PST

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(A drip schedule specifies when content is available to students so that instructors can release content over a period of time.)

Each Week's Agenda, Welcome Message, Video Conferencing Call information, and all downloads will be released one week before each live session. 


Live Training on Zoom: Live Slide-Deck Presentation,  Small-Group Exercises, Partner-Sharing, Guided Visualizations, Optional Accountability System

Self-Assignments between sessions

Membership Community: The eDirectors' Forum (Private Facebook Group)

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Week 1 - Your HD Curriculum

    • Welcome Letter - Week 1 - Your HD Curriculum

    • Etiquette for Conference Calls

    • 1. How to use The eDirector Templates.docx

    • 2. What is a Course Niche and Why Do I Need One?.docx

    • 3. Create an Irresistible Course Title.docx

    • 4. Computer Tricks for Efficient Curriculum Design & Organization.docx

    • Assignment for Week 1

  • 3

    Week 2 - Your Online Teaching Launch System

    • Welcome Letter - Week 2 - Your Online Teaching Launch System

    • 5. Create Your Signature Systems

    • 6. Create a Hot Name for Your Free Digital Product On Your Opt-In Page

    • 7. The Two Styles of Online Teaching

    • 8. eDirection Launch Options

    • 9. eDirection Launch System

    • 10. Design Your Live Group Program

    • Assignment for Week 2

  • 4

    Week 3 - eLearning Production Guide

    • Welcome to Week 3 - eLearning Production Guide

    • eDirection Workbook 1

    • 11. How to Write a Webinar

    • 12. Your Webinar Outline

    • 13. Sample Webinar script_Get Direction

    • 14. How to Write Your Webinar Trailer

    • 15. How to Produce Your Webinar

    • 16. Conducting a Photoshoot

    • Assignment for Week 3

  • 5

    Week 4 - Roadmap to Enrollment

    • Welcome to Week 4 - Roadmap to Enrollment

    • 17. Types of Landing Pages

    • 18. Must-have Elements of Landing Pages

    • 19. Pricing your Live Group Program

    • 20. Touch Marketing Formula

    • 21. Lead Nurture Email Sequence

  • 6

    Week 5 - Big, Bold, Confident Messaging

    • Welcome to Week 5 - Big, Bold, Confident Messaging

    • 22. The Vocabulary of Advertising

    • 23. Sample Landing Pages to Model

    • 24. Technology to Support Your Live Group Program

    • 25. Sample UpWork Post

About Your Instructor

eLearning Coach

Mike Buffo

I am a Monterey Peninsula native bringing you over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience across diverse education and entertainment industries. I am a Certified Body/Mind Therapist, Transformational Leader, and Virtual Online Leader Trainer. I am the curriculum author of the "Digital Performing Arts," a one-year course curriculum for California public high-schools; an approved "f" course by the University of California. I have written the instruction method, objectives, learning outcomes, and assignment schedules that meet all the public education standards in 10 subjects from screenwriting to cinematography, to directing to editing, to acting to new subjects like Transmedia Communications. I am a working, full-time professional practicing all phases of stage and screen production including development, event coordination, production management, technical direction, stage management, camera operation, broadcasting, video editing, distribution, marketing, & advertising. My production company averages 40-50 productions/year (before COVID) with budgets ranging from in-kind to $200k. My Vimeo channel hosts 400+ professionally produced work sample videos. My clients rank among the most reputable businesses and cultural events in the Monterey Peninsula region & beyond. Overall, I'm a motivator and activator who uses my creative acumen in video production to successfully align my students' personal missions with their business goals.

Message from the Instructor

Of all the technical career industries, the video production sector requires perhaps the greatest cross-fertilization of artistic disciplines; requiring a nearly unlimited level of individual technical mastery and interdependent management skills.

As technology rapidly changes the landscape of footage acquisition and delivery, the skills required to compete in the project-based media marketplace change in proportion. Occupational requirements change constantly, demanding higher and higher levels of imagination informed by technical skill.

Preparing for a successful career in any position in this sector requires a leading-edge academic program that provides a hands-on approach when emerging technologies cultivate efficient communication, contemporary problem-solving abilities, and long-lasting organizational discipline.

eDirection; Online Teaching Mastery prepares the student to take any subject of study they feel qualified to teach and translate that curriculum into a course for online distribution. This course offers students straightforward appropriate knowledge, skills, and practical experiences to prepare them to pursue on online teaching business model upon completion of the course. The eDirection Home Study Program puts them in a competitive position to differentiate in the marketplace and succeed when they enroll in the program with whole-hearted commitment.

The eDirection course is not just for creating professional online teachers. It promotes teamwork, communication, and decision-making abilities, traits that are vital to financially sustainable and creatively rewarding lifestyles in the media-rich twenty-first century. By learning how to capture and distribute what we see, hear, feel, and believe, we hope that students can choose to create any video content they like that enriches the quality of life for everyone around them.

Let’s shoot!

Your eLearning Coach,

Mike Buffo, The eDirector

This Course Is For You If...

  • If you've been waiting for a home study course to walk you through each and every creative step of creating an eLearning Course from writing to running ads.

  • If you’re a teacher at a university and you want to translate your curriculum into a video on demand course that you can market and sell to students online.

  • If you’re an expert in your field and curriculum writing, teaching, and holding space for your students comes easy to you but you’re shy in front of the camera, you don’t know where to begin with marketing your course, and running ads are totally foreign to you.

  • If you simply want to sit back casually once per week and learn a system on how to make a valuable eLearning course so that you can decide what you want to do yourself or delegate to a professional.

Instruction Method

How is this course presented?

  • 26 Templates

    All my years of experience in this sector, condensed into easy to follow one-sheets. These downloadable .pdfs are yours to keep and refer to for years to come.

  • Live Group Training

    Some work can only be done in a group setting. Slow down the learning process and make the time each week to drop into your creative process.

  • Course Materials

    This course comes with a workbook for you to keep track of your progress, this learning management software to hold your lesson material, and reliable weekly support/reminder emails.

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